Lost in the Dust Art Exhibition

Simon Blackburn travelled to Port Elizabeth, his home town, to regale the tragic story of the iconic Battle of Spioenkop during the Second Anglo-Boer War between 1899 and 1902.

Simon was speaking at a fundraiser for victims of the Eastern Cape Thornhill fires. The event was held at the GFI Art Gallery, which is now running an exhibition by John Meyer , South Africa’s leading contemporary realist artist. The collection is a powerful and emotionally raw demonstration of the truth about war and the people affected by it. The expansive oil paintings weave history, imagination and narrative into a multi-layered realm that deals with the tragedy of war. They are at once compelling, delicate, emotional and foreboding.

“Whether you’re five yrs old or ninety-five, hearing a story well told is gripping…Lets rekindle the lost art of story-telling.” – Simon